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L'Aquarium 570


The new flag ship range of aquariums from Arcadia. These tanks are built in Opti-white glass as standard and come on either a black or white cabinet. The cabinet is made of marine plywood so will out perform most other cabinets on the market. these tanks are also one of the few tanks the come with adjustable feet so the tank can be levelled without difficulty.

All pipe work is included, as well as an extra large three compartment sump, so fitting equipment in will not be an issue. A integrated Auto-top up is also standard on these aquariums 

Below are some key stats about the tank and cabinet.

Total Volume: 566 litres
Tank Volume: 396 litres
Sump Volume: 150 litres
Tank Length: 120cm
Tank Width: 60cm
Tank Height: 55cm
Cabinet Height: 90cm
Total Height: 145cm


For any other information regarding these Aquariums feel free to contact the shop.


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