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DIY Tank Cover 120x90cm

Very lightweight, sleek, low visual impact and easy to construct screen cover suitable most aquarium types.

What about light reduction?  We tested light penetration with a Apogee MQ-200 meter:

  • PAR without cover around 390 - 400
  • PAR with cover around 380 - 390
  • Approximately a 2.5% reduction in light with no shadowing at all.

Kit Contents:
4 x lengths of aluminium frame
4 x plastic frame joining corners
Spline rubber for attaching mesh to aluminium frame
Spline tool for inserting spline
6mm square clear mesh sufficient to cover stated tank size
5- 7 x pieces of 10mm acrylic bar to aid mounting of cover - now being replaced with a small length of 7mm acrylic angle which can be easily cut to form multiple mounts

Type: Tank Cover

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