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eaReef 450S

Ultra-Gloss White
Natural Halifax Oak
Tobacco Halifax Oak
Royal Natural Oak
Raw Concrete Oak
Super-Matt Grey
Super-Matt Anthractie
Super-Matt Cream
Ultra-Gloss Bronze
Ultra-Gloss Copper
Ultra-Gloss Metallic Anthracite
Ultra-Gloss Metallic Black
Ultra-Gloss Plum
Ultra-Gloss Black
Ultra-Gloss Japanese Pear

Stylish reef ready aquariums

Now marine keepers can benefit from superb aquariums made from Cerium polished low iron glass. They can choose from a wide range of contemporary cabinet finishes. And they have the freedom and flexibility to buy just the tank, cabinet and sump, and then add equipment and lighting to suit their own personal preference and budget.

Stylish Textured and Ultra-gloss cabinets

Life needn’t be so black and white with an eaReef cabinet, as every model is available in a wide range of finishes. Soft close and push open doors are fitted as standard and every cabinet comes fully assembled for quick and trouble free set up.

 Reef suitable sumps

Every eaReefS model comes with a large sump tank as standard, capable of housing large, high performance protein skimmers, pumps and other equipment, while also accommodating a suitably large built-in reservoir for all important top-up water.

 Every eaReef aquarium can be delivered directly to the hobbyist’s home.


- Length: 450mm
- Width: 500mm
- Height: 450mm
- Volume: 101 Litres (Nett)



Type: Fish Tank

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